Direct sales and marketing specialists Lions Direct Limited argue that competition drives performance. The firm believes that competition brings out the best in people and they are revealing why competition drives performance.

Lions Direct Limited host weekly educational workshops, designed to help their professionals expand their knowledge and skill-set and progress their business development.

This week, CEO Kamil Nosal covered the topic of competition. Lions Direct Limited believe that a competitive spirit is vital to succeed in business. When it comes to talent acquisition, a competitive edge is one of the main attributes they look for. CEO Kamil Nosal believes that there are many similar attributes between success in business and sport. During the workshop, the business owner used the example of competition driving footballers to up their game.

‘If you look at the dominant sides in the premier league, they all tend to have at least two players for every position. Knowing that if you don’t perform well, someone will come in and take your place, is a great motivator to ensure that you give it 100% every time. Competition stops people from becoming complacent. It forces them to continue to improve and get results,’ commented Mr Nosal.

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that competition can generate excitement and force people to think outside the box and get creative to find solutions to beat the competition. Other research studies have found that competition can also motivate individuals, making them put in more effort, and achieve results. Competition increases physiological and psychological activation, preparing the body and mind for increased effort, enabling it to perform to a higher standard.

At Lions Direct Limited, competition has become engrained in their company culture. CEO Kamil Nosal believes that competition is crucial for keeping standards high and driving performance. The direct sales and marketing specialists regularly run individual and team competitions. Mr Nosal thinks that it is essential for people to be able to compete as individuals as well as collaborate with a team.

‘Healthy competition is a good thing. Competition brings out the best in people. It urges people to get creative, up-skill and work harder,’ continued Mr Nosal.

Lions Direct Limited believes that their competitive environment has been the catalyst for their success. The Maidstone-based firm has seen its client portfolio grow and there is also a new client on the horizon.

Lions Direct Limited is a Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing firm. They provide clients with the highest standard of customer care, an exceptional customer buying experience, and the most loyal customer base. The firm firmly believes that competition drives performance.