Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is direct marketing?

This is the business of selling products or services directly to the public using personalised and measurable marketing methods.

Why face-to-face?

By taking the brand directly to your audience, we can tailor the experience and build loyalty. We make sure that our interactive, face to face service enhances the way people think of your company.

Which clients do you work with?

We sign NDA’s with all our clients, meaning we don’t advertise on our website. However, in the past, we have worked with industries as diverse as Sports, Home Security, Comparison Websites, Telecoms, Banking, Energy and Non-Profits.

How can you offer a personalised approach?

All of our brand ambassadors undergo company and client training, to ensure they are experts in every area of a campaign. We also regularly send brand ambassadors to go and work in different offices, helping enhance a global perspective and share knowledge.

How long does a campaign last?

Every campaign is unique, so it depends on the client. We have some campaigns that are for one quarter only and others that we’ve worked on since we launched.

Why do clients choose to hire us?

A range of UK businesses look to outsource their sales and marketing needs because they don’t have their own internal teams or, they need to quickly enhance their brand exposure and customer portfolio. Here at Lions Direct Limited, we are able to supply our clients with a significant return on investment very quickly, which will contribute to our client’s profit margin.

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