Maidstone-based Lions Direct Limited confirmed after weeks of speculation that they have acquired a new client and will be launching a fresh campaign in November. 

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Lions Direct Limited, have developed a reputation for their ability to generate both quality and quantity results for clients in the charity sector. Earlier this year, the firm had the prestige of being selected to conduct a test pilot on behalf of a local charity. Lions Direct Limited was handpicked, and the young firm rose to the challenge. The test pilot was so successful the client has now rolled it out to two other locations, with Lions Direct Limited spearheading the training to ensure the success of the pilot is replicated.

CEO, Mr. Nosal believes it is the firm’s focus on customer satisfaction and their commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience that has seen them become the go-to firm for clients in the charity sector. The firm is passionate about customer service, and they invest a tremendous amount of time into customer care training, ensuring their brand ambassadors can represent clients with complete confidence, professionalism and passion.

The new project will see Lions Direct Limited represent one a nonprofit organisation which brought great excitement and enthusiasm among the firm’s brand ambassadors.

The project will officially launch in November. In preparation, the firm is currently conducting extensive market research and running pilot projects to ensure a smooth launch. Mr. Nosal has selected a group of the firm’s most promising brand ambassadors to work on the project. They are currently undergoing extensive training, to ensure they have all of the relevant product knowledge.

Lions Direct Limited is predicting a record-breaking last quarter in the wake of their new project. ‘It’s a really exciting time for us. With every new client, there are more opportunities for us to grow our business and simultaneously provide the people we work with the opportunity to progress their business development,’ stated Mr. Nosal.

Lions Direct Limited is a Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing firm. They provide clients with the highest standard of customer care and exceptional customer buying experience. They are delighted to have secured a new client, and they are anticipating a big end to the year as a result.