In a recent interview, CEO at Lions Direct Limited, Kamil Nosal revealed the companies momentous growth plans. The business owner has now announced that the firm is upgrading their training to assist with their growth goals.

During a recent interview, the Lions Direct Limited CEO revealed the direct sales and marketing specialists short and long-term goals. “Short-term: Expand the goal is to expand to five new locations in the UK by the end of 2019. Long-term: Open up over ten new locations by 2020 before expanding internationally into the USA and Canada,” stated Mr Nosal.

With such large goals, the business owner recognised that to make those plans a reality, an upgrade in training was necessary.

Lions Direct is committed to on-going education and training to ensure that their company can represent their client’s with total confidence, professionalism and transparency. CEO Kamil Nosal is a passionate business coach and mentor who is committed to helping support and nurture the firm’s professionals to achieve their goals and reach their potential. With the firm’s goal to move into multiple locations in the next two years, Mr Nosal is upgrading the firm’s training to make their business model easy to replicate.

At Lions Direct Limited they operate a unique business model, where they exclusively promote from within. Therefore, the firm’s growth hinges on people graduating from their business development program.

“Everyone who oversees one of our projects has to have completed our business development program to learn the way we work and to ensure that our high standards and methods are replicated, that’s important to me,” commented Mr Nosal.

The business owner has started implementing further training with the introduction of weekly sales clinics to help their professionals to expand their knowledge and skillset. Mr Nosal revealed that the firm would also be running additional workshops, seminars, and tutorials to upgrade their training with the objective to help people fast-track their development.

 “Since we launched in July last year, my primary focus has been to build a solid foundation. Now we have that in place, and we’ve successfully navigated the first 12 months in business, which are often the hardest, the next goal is to replicate what we have done in Maidstone. I want to expand into other locations across the country and then internationally,” commented Mr Nosal.

The entrepreneur recognises that a commitment to development and learning is critical for growth and he is committed to helping the firm’s contractors to reach their full potential, simultaneously supporting the firm to achieve their expansion goals.

Lions Direct Limited is a Maidstone-based direct sales and marketing firm. They provide clients with the highest standard of customer care, an exceptional customer buying experience, and the most loyal customer base. As a young firm with big goals, they recognise their training process is integral to their success.